Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Eco Surf Wax

Made Locally for Ocean Lovers

We offer eco surf wax for ocean lovers looking for organic and sustainable surf wax. Experience maximum traction and minimum footprint with Green Grip.

Protect our beloved ocean by making the switch to our Eco Surf Wax today and receive FREE DELIVERY for orders over $35 Australia wide!

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Eco Surf Wax

For maximum traction and minimum footprint, check out our Eco Surf Wax range. If you are feeling a bit fancy, check out our Sustainable Signature range for some bzzzzzz. 

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers


This is our hard Eco Surf Wax. You can use it on its own or as the base for your Topcoat.

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers


This is our soft Eco Surf Wax. Choose between warm or cold water wax. Oh, our cold water wax is blue. Just like the ocean we love.

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Sustainable Signature

Receive unique and reusable beeswax wraps with your Eco Surf Wax to keep your surf wax clean… or you can cover your wine bottles with it too.

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

For the ocean

Sea Shepherd Australia


Sea Shepherd fights to defend, conserve and protect our oceans. Because if the oceans die, we die. They do what international authorities can’t… or won’t.

Green Grip is a young and small Aussie business practising sustainable business operations. Help us support the professional ocean defenders with knowledge and technology to put in the hard yards and make real differences. We will donate 10% of the profit every time you purchase our Eco Surf Wax. 

What’s in Green Grip Eco Surf Wax?

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Organic beeswax

This is the main ingredient needed to make Green Grip Eco Surf Wax. We source organic beeswax from our local beekeepers in Queensland. It’s free of synthetic agricultural chemicals so the bees have not been exposed to the harmful chemicals. By supporting our local beekeepers, we are also supporting the Aussie bee population. And we get to pick up a jar of their delicious honey every time we do a pick up. 

Green Grip

Sustainably sourced
coconut oil

The second ingredient we need to make our Eco Surf Wax is organic coconut oil from our Aussie family businesses. Our partners provide certified organic coconut oil that is sourced and handled under strict Australian Certified Organic (ACO) guidelines.

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Pure essential oil

This is the finishing touch to our Eco Surf Wax. We source finest 100% pure quality essential oil from Aussie family run business to add a unique and natural scent to our wax.

Why Green Grip Eco Surf Wax?

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers


Green Grip Eco Surf Wax is made with natural and biodegradable ingredients. This means it’s safe for us to make, safe for you to use and safe for the marine ecosystems such as coral reefs.  

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Safe for your skin

Not many of you might have thought about this one. Most non-organic brand surf wax is made with paraffin – a cheap synthetic imitation of wax made from petroleum. It contains toxic components that have been marked as possible carcinogens. When you lay down on top of your surfboard, your skin is a membrane obsoring it. With Green Grip Eco Surf Wax, this obviously isn’t a problem to consider. Did you know beeswax and coconut oil duo is amazing for the skin for its antibacterial and antifungal properties? Not that we are a skin care company. But just saying.

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers


We think it’s not good enough to just offer an eco-friendly product. We care about the process of sourcing, manufacturing and packaging of our Eco Surf Wax. Not only do we use locally sourced ingredients from Aussie partners, even our packaging is minimal and biodegradable, right down to our biofills and sticky tape! Our Eco Surf Wax is also made in small batches, minimising waste and using minimum energy. 

Eco Surf Wax

Safe for us to make
Safe for you to use
Safe for our precious ocean