Green Grip

Natural surf wax with maximum traction and a minimal carbon footprint for environmentally conscious surfers 

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Made with sustainably sourced ingredients to reduce our footprint as surfers.


Locally made ocean-friendly surf wax to replace the toxic paraffin surf wax. 

Suitable for all temperature. 


Choose between warm or cold water wax and enjoy maximum traction with a minimal carbon footprint on your board. 

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Reusable homemade beeswax wraps to protect your wax… or your wine glass.

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Our product ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced in Australia. Sourcing our ingredients domestically means the carbon footprint of each block is reduced even more.

Organic Beeswax

Sourced from our local beekeepers based in Queensland, certified organic beeswax is one of our main ingredients. 

Green Grip
Green Grip

Organic Coconut Oil

Sourced from an Australian family run business, we use certified organic coconut oil in our mixture.

Pure Essential Oil

Quality 100% pure Australian essential oil sourced from an Australian family run business for that extra touch.

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Social Cause

When you purchase from Green Grip, proceeds from the sale is donated to Australian non-for-profit organisations to protect our ocean. 

I absolutely love this wax! Made locally and is organic, wrapped in cute little beeswax wraps and smells divine!!!!! I love the finish once I have waxed my board too.


I love this wax! It has a really good sticky texture and the warm water wax spreads perfectly on the board and is perfect for Gold Coast waters. It feels really good and grippy under your feet during the surf as well. MAJOR plus: it smells so so good! It is locally made and good for the environment. Definitely give it a go if you can!


Just got my first lot of Green Grip surf wax and am loving it. It’s great that they use sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. They even send these seeded papers with your order so you can plant them in your garden and grow some flowers and herbs!! Will definitely buy again 👍🏼👍🏼


Make a switch and ditch your old petroleum wax with Green Grip! These guys created an ocean friendly eco surf wax with biodegradable ingredients for the environmentally consicous surfers. It’s organic, handmade locally, super grippy with light colour so you can still see the beautiful flax on your board!

Notox Australia

The Green Grip wax is fantastic, works great and is extremely well presented.

Eco friendly Surf Shop

I used the base coat and then warm water wax. The application was good. Beading not bad. Performance very good. Quite a soft wax. Overall I found it very good. One of the better natural waxes I have used. Well done. Looking forward to my seeds sprouting too laughing.

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