How to Apply Our Basecoat Wax

Written by Green Grip

More than surf wax, Green Grip embodies sustainable surfing. Our eco-friendly grip is kind to you and Mother Nature. Dive into a community of ocean lovers creating ripples of change. Ride, preserve, and leave a green legacy.


So, you’ve decided to purchase some Green Grip surf wax? Congratulations! Thanks for joining the cause to make it more eco-friendly than ever. Our basecoat wax is designed to be applied before a soft wax so that the board is sufficiently sticky!


To apply our basecoat wax, simply make sure it’s the first thing you’re putting on the board and use plenty of pressure since basecoat wax is thick! We recommend applying the pressure in broad strokes until you begin to see a pattern on the board.


Nonetheless, there is no set way to apply your basecoat wax; just make sure it’s spread evenly across your board to stay in place once you surf. Once it’s applied, you’re ready for some soft wax!

Feel free to check out this video for an inspiration on how to wax your board! 🙂 


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