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Ecofriendly products and sustainable business practices

Green Grip is a small Australian business based in Queensland. Our product ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced in Australia. Sourcing our ingredients domestically means the carbon footprint of each block is reduced even more.

We have joined the growing movement to surf responsibly by offering biodegradable surf wax to replace petrochemical filled traditional wax. No toxic ingredients means no impacting or harming our precious ocean and marine life while you surf! 

Even our packaging is biodegradable or reusable because it’s not just in the ocean we want to make a difference, but make changes  in our daily lives. 

Since 2020

We are new. We are small. We are local. Join us and the growing movement towards responsible surfing. With Green Grip, you can be assured you are getting the most ecofriendly and sustainable surf wax that works. 

Why Choose Us


Organic Beeswax

Green Grip uses certified organic beeswax sourced from local beekeepers. This means it is free of synthetic agricultural chemicals so the bees have not been exposed to the harmful chemicals


Organic Coconut Oil

Sourced from Australian family owned business, we use certified organic coconut oil that is sourced and handled under strict Australian Certified Organic (ACO) guidelines. 


Pure Essential Oil

Finest 100% pure essential oil sourced from Australian family run business is added into our wax mix to give it a unique touch.



Biodegradable and natural ingredients mean our surf wax is safe for the reef and marine life. 


Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Our products are suitable for most skin sensitivities and allergies. Did you know beeswax and coconut oil duo is amazing for the skin for its antibacterial and antifungal properties?



Not only do we use locally sourced natural and biodegradable ingredients, even our packaging is eco-friendly and minimal, right down to our biofills and sticky tape! 


It’s a pretty small team. Of me. I am, however, surrounded by many loving and supportive friends and colleagues who I am lucky to be around. So, while it looks like it’s just me, I have a whole team of support behind the scene that makes Green Grip possible while I do what I love – surfing. 



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