Our story

Well, we all know the story. Covid-19 pandemic hit in early 2020 and everyone was affected in one way or the other. I was living in Brisbane at the time and lockdowns meant I couldn’t travel down to Gold Coast for my water therapy, surfing. To be honest, I was going a little crazy. It was a moment I realised how heavily I relied on surfing for my mental health, and I guess a silver lining is that a new appreciation for the ocean grew.  

I started reading and watching surf contents to get me by and this is when I went down a rabbit hole of the environmental impacts of the surfing industry. Given the synergic relationship between surfers and the ocean, I was pretty shocked at how careless we are and how unaware we are of our actions.

After my wild trip through posts, photos, blogs and videos, takeaway was this – majority of what we wear, apply and use for surfing is harmful to the environment. Your wetsuit? Toxic. Your surfboard? Toxic. Your sunscreen? Toxic. Your surf wax? TOXIC. From the sourcing of materials to manufacturing the products to us dipping them in the water, so much pollution is emitted and it kills our beloved ocean.

So I decided to do what I can. And here is Green Grip. With lots of help from amazing people around me. I appreciate every single one of them.

Green Grip is making me a better person and while I’ll never be perfect, I’m committed to being a better person and continuing to grow so I have more to give back.

So thank you for joining me and helping Green Grip help the ocean. 


Jessica – Founder 


Organic and sustainable Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers


Green Grip Eco Surf Wax Ingredient

Organic beeswax

This is what gives our Eco Surf Wax its sticky grip!

We source certified organic beeswax from our local beekeepers with hives all around Queensland. Some of them are third generation beekeepers! By supporting our local beekeepers, we get to support the Aussie bee population.

Beeswax is a natural and renewable resource, meaning it’s a sustainable alternative to toxic surf wax made of petrochemicals or even soy wax sourced from GMO farmers which is often the case with soy for industrial production.

Green Grip Eco Surf Wax Ingredient

Organic coconut oil

The second main ingredient is organic coconut oil from our Aussie family businesses. Our partners provide certified organic coconut oil that is sourced and handled under strict Australian Certified Organic (ACO) guidelines. 

Green Grip Eco Surf Wax Ingredient

Pure essential oil

This is the finishing touch to our Eco Surf Wax. We source the finest 100% pure quality essential oil from Aussie family run business to add a unique and natural scent to our wax. Our signature scent is known for its calming and relaxing qualities, and is often used by therapists!


Green Grip Eco Surf Wax Benefits

Safe for your skin

Most non-organic brand surf wax is made with paraffin – a cheap synthetic imitation of wax made from petroleum. It contains toxic components that have been marked as possible carcinogens. When you lay down on top of your surfboard, your skin is a membrane absorbing it.

Did you know beeswax and coconut oil duo is amazing for the skin for its antibacterial and antifungal properties? Not that we are a skin care company. But just saying.

Green Grip Eco Surf Wax Benefits


Green Grip Eco Surf Wax is made with natural and biodegradable ingredients. This means it’s safe for us to make, safe for you to use and safe for the marine ecosystems. More the reason to make the switch to our organic and sustainable surf wax (think of the turtles!).

Green Grip Eco Surf Wax Benefits


We don’t just offer an eco-friendly product. We care about the process of sourcing, manufacturing and packaging of our Eco Surf Wax. Not only do we use locally sourced ingredients from Aussie partners, even our packaging is minimal and biodegradable, right down to our biofills and sticky tape!

Our Eco Surf Wax is also handmade in small batches, minimising waste and using minimum energy.

Green Grip

Green Grip's  Eco Surf Wax is for ocean lovers looking for an alternative to toxic surfboard wax. We guarantee maximum grip with minimum footprint with our organic and sustainable surfboard wax collection.