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OneWave: Fluro Saturday Greenmount

Green Grip joined OneWave on Friday 19th March to celebrate its 8th birthday and to turn the world map fluro for mental health! "OneWave is a non-profit surf community raising awareness of mental health through a simple recipe…saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. We...

FREE Yoga + Beach Clean Up

Green Grip joined Jala Yoga on Monday 8th March to celebrate the International Women's Day with a FREE yoga session, followed by a beach clean up. "Jala Yoga began as an entity that campaigned and raised funds for Marine & Environmental Conservation through the...

More about Eco Surf Wax

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers
Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Why eco surf wax?

Taking an eco-friendly approach is something we should all be doing, especially when it comes to the world’s oceans and other bodies of water. As dangerous as plastic waste and other forms of pollution are, as a surfer, you may be polluting the waters you surf in and...


Helping the bees

It’s no secret a large ratio of bee colonies across the world have been lost. Bees have a major impact on our food production and supply – not to mention the certified organic beeswax that’s used as one of the main ingredients in Green Grip products! So we like to do...

Green Grip

Green Grip Eco Surf Wax is for the ocean lovers looking for organic and sustainable surfboard wax. Experience maximum traction and minimum footprint with Green Grip.