We value your experience with Green Grip! If you’ve enjoyed the eco-friendly ride with our surfboard wax, we’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts, leave a review and let your voice contribute to the wave of positive change by inspiring more surfers!

Thanks to Green Grip, local Gold Coast business, you can get greener with your surfing

– Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast

I used the base coat and then warm water wax. The application was good. Beading not bad. Performance very good. Quite a soft wax. Overall I found it very good. One of the better natural waxes I have used. Well done. Looking forward to my seeds sprouting too

– The Happy Planet Surf Project

Make a switch and ditch your old petroleum wax with Green Grip! These guys created an ocean friendly eco surf wax with biodegradable ingredients for the environmentally consicous surfers. It’s organic, handmade locally, super grippy with light colour so you can still see the beautiful flax on your board

– Notox Australia

We love what you do!

– Sea Shepherds Australia

This organic wax is a dream! Easy to put on, it grips well for an organic wax whilst surfing. I can’t highly recommend it enough, will be purchasing more

Louise, QLD

Awesome product and good for the environment, I’ve been buying and riding boards that are more environmentally friendly and being able to buy Green Grip has been great

– Reno, NSW

The wax does its job, it’s also organic and good for the oceans, but the best thing is the smell! Can only recommend using it!

– Sara, QLD

Super fast postage, environmentally responsible packaging and great product. The cold water wax is sticky as and the colour looks great on ya board 👍👍

– M, WA

Fantastic wax. Easy to apply and provides awesome grip. Plus good for the ocean too. Highly recommend it to everyone

– John, VIC

I love this wax! It has a really good sticky texture and the warm water wax spreads perfectly on the board and is perfect for Gold Coast waters. It feels really good and grippy under your feet during the surf as well. MAJOR plus: it smells so so good!

– Martyna, QLD