FREE Yoga + Beach Clean Up

Written by Green Grip

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Green Grip joined Jala Yoga on Monday 8th March to celebrate the International Women’s Day with a FREE yoga session, followed by a beach clean up.

“Jala Yoga began as an entity that campaigned and raised funds for Marine & Environmental Conservation through the practice of yoga. It operated with the recognition that to embody yoga is to live in a way that holds being of service at the forefront, and an understanding that to ‘save the world’ requires self knowledge, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and discernment – all byproducts of yoga.”

– Jala Yoga

I arrived at Len Wort Park in Currumbin on a beautiful Monday morning, half excited to experience an outdoor yoga session and half unsure if I was at the right place!

I saw a lady walking towards the park with a yoga mat and knew she must have been a fellow participant. Her name was Pamela and we walked together to meet Jala Yoga by the park bench.

We laid our mats and towels under a tree and had a spectacular view of the beach. The yoga session was relaxing and tranquil as we were guided by Jala Yoga’s founder herself, Mollie, through the practice, focusing on our breathing and also the sound of the crashing waves and singing birds.

After an hour of yoga, feeling relaxed but more aware, we set off to fill our bags with ocean rubbish. We found cigarette butts, bottles, bottle caps, pipes, clothes and so on. It’s unfortunate to say this but none were a surprise to have been found on the beach.

We put our rubbish together and counted each pieces of rubbish depending on its categories so that this data could be used in research to help further study and understand ocean pollution.

I walked away from this event feeling light from yoga and thinking deeper on our environmental impact on the ocean. I couldn’t recommend this more to anyone who would like to connect with nature and contribute to cleaning our beaches.

P.S. they even have FREE Kids Yoga sessions, suited for ages 4-13 years. How adorable is this!

This FREE event is available from March through to June. Make sure you book to experience this beautiful outdoor event and contribute to keeping our beaches clean.


Len Wort Park, Currumbin QLD
(32 Teemangum St, Currumbin QLD)


Water, yoga mat/towel, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.


Protective gloves, reusable rubbgish bags.


Due to COVID restrictions, registrations are essential. Go to their Facebook page HERE or book through eventbrite today!


This event is held in collaboration with
the Gold Coast City Council’s Our Beaches Program.


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