How to Maintain the Ocean Health with Your Surfing Habits

Written by Green Grip

More than surf wax, Green Grip embodies sustainable surfing. Our eco-friendly grip is kind to you and Mother Nature. Dive into a community of ocean lovers creating ripples of change. Ride, preserve, and leave a green legacy.


Anyone with their ears switched on knows we’re currently in a climate crisis. We’re sure you’re already aware of plastics’ devastating effects on the ocean. Some scientists estimate that 80% of the ocean’s water is polluted by plastic. But did you know it’s not the only thing causing the ocean health to diminish?

Any avid surfer will have heard of surf wax, the handy tool to give you traction on your board. Unfortunately, surf wax is traditionally made with petroleum, which has by-products that can be highly harmful to ocean health due to wax degrading off of surfboards and entering the marine ecosystem.

If you’re a surfer looking to save ocean health, we strongly recommend switching to eco surf wax offered by Green Grip. Our surf wax is petrochemical-free!


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