How to wax your surfboard perfectly every time

Written by Green Grip

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Picked up a shiny new surfboard? Or maybe you picked up a second hand surfboard because you are all about ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’. Or you might just want to tidy up your existing wax job. Whichever you are, this step-by-step guide is here to help you get the perfect bumps every time. 

1. Start with a clean surfboard. Like any fine artist, we need to start with a blank canvas. If it’s a new surfboard, just give it a quick wipe down with a clean towel. If it’s a used surfboard with old wax on it, leave it in direct sunlight for 15 – 30 minutes then use a wax comb to get it all off. All of it. Let’s make sure there’s no dust, dirt or grime. 

2. Choose the right surfboard wax for you. You decide how you like your grip. Many use a basecoat to get things started. Some people are happy using just topcoats. When you choose your wax, remember to choose petrochemical-free, eco-friendly surf wax made with local organic beeswax (psst, that’s us! Green Grip!). We need to collectively do our bits for the environment and surf wax is one of the easiest switches you can make for the ocean. 

3. Find a firm and padded surface for your surfboard. Once your surfboard is cleaned up and you have your Green Grip by your side, place your board on a firm, padded surface. We like to use our surfboard bags. You don’t want anything bumby or sharp under the surfboard while you are waxing because you will be putting some pressure on top. Let’s avoid any dings before we even get in the water!

4. Let’s start with cross hatching. Using the edge of the wax block, start drawing diagonal lines going from the rail to the stringer. Keep the lines close and tight. Once you’ve covered as much space you want, repeat in the opposite direction to create a cross hatch effect. When you are done with one side, repeat the process on the other half of the board.  

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

5. Now it’s time to build up layers. Once you’ve got the base layer done, it’s time to get a little circular motion going. You want to gently and gradually build up layers. Don’t press too hard to avoid wax from smearing. 

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

6. Stand back and admire your work. There’s that warm feeling you get from admiring your fresh coat of wax. So fresh. So neat. So beautiful. If you used Green Grip, you can also be proud of yourself for keeping harmful chemicals away from your board, your skin and our ocean!  

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers

Extra note – you can get creative with your surf wax patterns. See below for patterns done with Green Grip Eco Surf Wax for some inspiration!

Eco Surf Wax locally made for ocean lovers


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