How We’ve Revolutionised the Surfing Industry

Written by Green Grip

More than surf wax, Green Grip embodies sustainable surfing. Our eco-friendly grip is kind to you and Mother Nature. Dive into a community of ocean lovers creating ripples of change. Ride, preserve, and leave a green legacy.


Any surfer worth their chops has used surf wax at some point in their life to give them some traction on the board. At Green Grip, we’ve recognised a significant issue with the majority of surf wax available on the market. It’s all made with petroleum!


Petroleum by-products can devastate your physical health and the environment, and surf wax is no exception. To remedy this, we have created a range of waxes that are sure to revolutionise the surfing industry.


Our range of surf wax is homemade and sustainably sourced, including no petrochemical or toxic products. So, if you want to protect your health and the environment, using our eco surf wax should be a no-brainer!


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