Oceanic pollution: What surfers can do to amend the issue

Written by Green Grip

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What are we facing?  

In an era of battling against climate change, what must be acknowledged is that one of our greatest challenges as a species is the threat of oceanic pollution. It’s a terrible practice that has effects both on the marine life inhabiting the oceans, and on humanity as well in the long run. With this in mind, we must remember that it takes all of us to conquer a problem of this scale, and that there’s always something that everyone can do – particularly surfers.

What about Australia?!

In such places in the world as Australia, surfing is part of a rather large and beloved culture. One that’s been heavily engrained in the lives of many Australians for the majority of their adulthoods, if not also their childhoods. It’s a popular hobby, and it’s in this fact that Australian waters suffer among the most when it comes to pollution, through the use of wax.


The invisible trheat

Not all pollution is caused by the obvious plastic bottle and runaway bags that end up contributing to the choking of birds and turtles. Sometimes pollution is a lot more subtle than that, and it comes in the form of surfing wax. It’s a well-documented fact that about 95% of surfing waxes contain by-products of petroleum, and given that wax gradually degrades off of surfboards, it’s an imaginably pollutant and dangerous substance to both humans and marine species.

You’d be shocked by just how many toxic chemicals are used during the production of surf wax. The substance undergoes a bleaching process for the production, in a method that emits plenty of dioxins. If you’re unfamiliar with dioxins, it serves to know that they’re responsible for the possible development of cancer upon exposure to them, as well as reproductive troubles. This is only the first step in the process, however, and it’s already environmentally hazardous enough on its own to spark concern.

Much of it comes down to chemicals, including some that have been condemned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The petroleum in particular, as it isn’t biodegradable and can lead to the death of marine wildlife that mistakenly consumes it, or that is even in its presence. What’s toxic to us is toxic to animals too.

What’s our solution?

There’s a solution to everything, however, and in this case that solution happens to be organic surf wax. For the environmentally-conscious surfer, this is the best solution as it provides all the same benefits of regular surf wax, with the added effects of being entirely eco-friendly.

Being a surfer often comes with an image of irresponsibility, particularly due to the known negative effects of surf products on the ocean environments. This hasn’t been so easily amendable until the incorporation of eco surf products like Green Grip wax. Now, every surfer, be they Australian or otherwise are offered a chance to live a much more eco-friendly lifestyle and embrace the benefits of sustainable surf wax.

But what makes it so sustainable? Well, while the regular surf wax contains massive amounts of petroleum and such, you’ll find that the organic sort will be primarily made up of beeswax, alongside other natural ingredients that may vary, such as coconut oil. This makes them entirely sustainable, given that beeswax is both a natural and highly renewable product that acts as an excellent alternative to mainstream waxes. This also means that the change serves as an opportunity to lower your carbon footprint!

Sustainable, organic, and helpful to the environment – this sort of beeswax surf wax also ensure that you gain all the same affects you would with regular wax. But of course, there are certain factors you may be forced to consider as a surfer – availability, for one thing. But you’ll be pleased to hear that organic surf wax in Australia isn’t quite so hard to come by.


We can help!

Of course, there’s always availability to consider, but if you’re Australian, then you happen to be in luck as there’s an organic surf wax manufacturer in Australia. If you were to look hard enough, you could find a manufacturer in just about any country, but the go-to for Aussies ought to be Green Grip – which you can learn more about here.

There are no associated negative environmental after-effects of using organic surf wax, so if you’re really looking to make a change as well as continue to enjoy your hobbies, it’s a difference you ought to strive for.

It’s the smallest changes in our habits and lifestyles that can make the biggest changes to the health of both ourselves and the environment. All it takes is making the decision to embrace sustainability and purchase the more eco-friendly products for fulfilling our daily needs and hobbies. Choosing to go down the route of more organic surf wax may seem like a simple one, but once committed to, the environmental difference will be hard to deny.


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