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Written by Green Grip

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Green Grip joined OneWave on Friday 19th March to celebrate its 8th birthday and to turn the world map fluro for mental health! 

OneWave is a non-profit surf community raising awareness of mental health through a simple recipe…saltwater therapy, surfing and fluro. We believe that everyone should have the chance to ride waves and openly talk about mental health without being judged. Check out the OneWave programs below and we would be so stoked to go fluro surfing with you soon!


What is it?

If you are a Gold Coast local you may have heard of or seen OneWave Free the Funk Fluro Saturday Greenmount Tribe. No? Well, I hope you go check them out ASAP here

To give you a quick run down, OneWave Tribe Leaders host local weekly sunrise surf sessions where the community dress up in bright outfits and share stories, surf and sometimes do yoga to raise awareness of mental health!

Gold Coast’s very own tribe meet at sunrise at Greenmount beach to surf, share stories, grab coffees and just have a fabulous start to the weekend. YES PLEASE!  

What’s its story?

OneWave was started by its Founder Grant Trebilco. He was hospitalised in 2012 and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The ocean, surfing and good people were his saviour during tough times when he was released from hospital. Grant surfed most of his life, but it was during the six months recovering in New Zealand he really discovered that sometimes one wave is all it takes.

Fast forward to 2021, OneWave Fluro Friday or Free the Funk events are held WORLDWIDE weekly in Australia, New Zealand, France, UK and US. What an amazing non-for-profit organisation bringing people together and making it ok to be not ok. 

Gold Coast Tribe

In Gold Coast, we are blessed and lucky to have Cherisa (CJ) who put on her fluro hat and started her own tribe of OneWave Free the Funk.

She organised today’s OneWave 8th Birthday celebration for us! And man, did we bring the COLOURS!

Check out the video on the right. You can see her beautiful face right at the end of the vid!

Free the Funk Fluro Saturday Greenmount was my first non-for-profit organisation meetup where I got to meet new people who love the ocean and enjoy salt therapy. I am so grateful we have such a great community so close to home and hope you join us in the water soon!  


Location: Greenmount Beach

When: Saturdays

Bring: Your surf gears. Or just your swimmers if you don’t surf… yet.

Provided: Good vibes and all the stokes.

Booking: Bookings are not required but keep an eye out on their Instagram page for updates!


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