Surfers for Climate

Surfers for Climate is a dynamic platform dedicated to driving positive change within the surfing community and beyond. Through insightful content, innovative initiatives, and a passionate community, Surfers for Climate empowers surfers and ocean enthusiasts to become catalysts for sustainable practices, environmental awareness, and personal growth

Website: https://surfersforclimate.org.au/


Surf Witches Boardriders Club is a vibrant and inclusive community of female surfers united by their love for the waves. With a focus on fostering a supportive environment, this unique club celebrates women in surfing through events, competitions, and a shared passion for riding the waves

Website: www.surfwitchesboardridersclub.com


The Happy Planet Surf Project

Dedicated to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the surfing industry, this family-run surf business is located in Ashmore. Make sure to check out Shane’s innovative eco-friendly and hand-shaped surfboards available in his store.

Location: 4/1 United Road, Ashmore QLD

Clayed Coral

Dedicated to promoting sustainable and eco-friendly products, this Sunshine Coast local business is committed to bringing beautiful range of hand-made accessories and more!

Location: Markets

Website: www.clayedcoral.com


HandPicked Bodyboards

Specialising in crafting exceptional bodyboards renowned for their quality, durability and performance, this local business in Caringbah is dedicated to providing a complete surfing experience to their customers.

Location: 3 Hay Avenue, Caringbah NSW

Website: www.hpbodyboards.com

Greenside Surf & Adventure

Where the ocean meets the mountains – epic conscious & considered surf & adventure store

Location: 56 Beach St, Woolgoolga NSW 2456

Social: @greenside_surf

Cape Byron Distillery

Cape Byron Distillery creates spirits that capture and showcase the unique terroir of the Northern Rivers (greater Byron Bay region). They have a passion for excellence, sustainability and giving back to their local community. Green Grip and Cape Byron Distillery collaborated to create a unique Eco Surf Wax range using native botanicals.

Location: 80 St Helena Rd, McLeods Shoot NSW 2479

Website: https://capebyrondistillery.com/our-story/

Modus Brewing

Modus Brewing operates on 100% green energy, reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and minimising their carbon emissions. They believe that enjoying great beer should not come at the expense of our planet. With their sustainable brewing practices, from donating spent grain to utilising green energy and implementing eco-friendly packaging and building materials, they proudly offer you a guilt-free and delicious beer-drinking experience.

Location: Mona Vale and Merewether NSW

Website: https://www.mobrewing.com.au/sustainable-brewing/



Emboying a commitment to sustainable living, goforzero is dedicated to offering sustainable and plastic-free alternatives for everyday products. Check out their plastic-free household items, personal care products and more!

Website: www.goforzero.com.au