My name is Jessica (see stoked lady in the photo) and I am the founder of GREEN GRIP.

I fell in love with surfing when I first stood up on a blue surfboard in 2017, with a beautiful autumn sunset painting the background at Currumbin. Surfing is now my therapy, connecting me deeply with the ocean’s beauty and power.

I created GREEN GRIP in 2020 with a belief that sustainability and top-notch performance can coexist. It’s a brand dedicated to empowering surfers to make a positive impact with every session, leaving a cleaner and greener trail in the waves and know that small choices can create big waves of positive change.

Our workshop is located in Gold Coast, Queensland, and at GREEN GRIP, we value local craftmanship so all of our products are proudly hand-made in Gold Coast.

Each block of Eco Surf Wax is meticulously crafted using sustainably sourced organic beeswax and coconut oil from Australian family-owned businesses. Our production process involves a custom infusion of 100% pure essential oils, tree resin, or plant-derived dyes, all carefully selected from local family enterprises.

We pack each Eco Surf Wax with eco-conscious materials and designs that minimise waste – right down to our sticky tape!

Last but not least, we are honoured to contribute to local and national organisations such as Surfers for Climate, offering educational resources, community support and fostering environmental awareness among surfers.

We hope you enjoy using our Eco Surf Wax and recognise the positive impact you’re making.


Happy Surfing!