Born a Shark

Born a Shark



One day a very small shark was born and looked around at his world for the first time.

“Gosh!” he said. “It’s a big place. Where am I?”

He sawm around for a bit then stopped suddenly. Where was everyone? He realised he was all alone.

“If I’m alone”, he said out loud, “how do I know what I am?”.


Source: A Shark’s Story

Receive 2 blocks of your choice and 2 reusable Born a Shark beeswax wraps.

Handmade with ❤︎  and sustainable ingredients in Gold Coast, Australia.

Non-toxic for your skin and the ocean.

Profits from every purchase go to Sea Shepherds Australia to defend, conserve and protect our oceans.

Temperature range:

  • Basecoat - Tropical (above 27°C)
  • Warm Wax - Warm/cool (between 15 - 26°C)
  • Cold Wax - Cold (below 15°C)

Additional information

Weight75 g
Dimensions65 × 65 × 20 mm

Basecoat x 2, Warm x 2, Cold x 2


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