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I used the base coat and then warm water wax. The application was good. Beading not bad. Performance very good. Quite a soft wax. Overall I found it very good. One of the better natural waxes I have used. Well done. Looking forward to my seeds sprouting too laughing.

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Make a switch and ditch your old petroleum wax with Green Grip! These guys created an ocean friendly eco surf wax with biodegradable ingredients for the environmentally consicous surfers. It’s organic, handmade locally, super grippy with light colour so you can still see the beautiful flax on your board!

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Thanks to Green Grip, local Gold Coast business,
you can get greener with your surfing.

Surfrider Foundation Gold Coast

The Green Grip wax is fantastic, works great and is extremely well presented.

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“Green Grip is the best smelling wax on the market with the addition of ylang ylang essential oil. Been using the warm wax through this scorching Goldie summer and cannot complain. Grippy as ever! #staystoked ❤️

Stoked Environmentalist

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“This organic wax is a dream! Easy to put on, it grips well for an organic wax whilst surfing. I can’t hihgly recommend it enough, will be purchasing more!”


“The wax does its job, it’s also organic and good for the oceans, but hte best thing is the smell 🏄🏽‍♀️ Can only recommend using it!


Really good product and eco friendly


As an ocean enthusiast, i’ve always loved everything about the ocean- the sound of crashing waves, sea creatures, the tranquility of being out at sea. when i picked up surfing, my love for the ocean grew exponentially; and the more it grew, the more concerned i became about life beneath the ocean. I love surfing soooo much but i always feel guilty about using wax that contains petrochemicals- i almost avoided thinking about how much damage we as surfers are doing to the ocean everyday as wax gets rubbed off into the ocean. when i heard about green grip organic surf wax, of course i was stoked and had to try it! with no petrochemicals and all natural ingredients, who could ask for more?! jessica taught me how to make the best out of the wax for my surfboard (she’s super helpful so don’t hesitate to ask!!) and now i’m enjoying my favourite thing to do without harming the ocean and all its majestic creatures. that aside, the grip is also amazing. for all of you ocean lovers, i highly encourage choosing green grip surf wax- get a grip and keep it clean, and keep shredding 🏄🏻‍♀️🏄‍♂️🤙🏻


Just got my first lot of Green Grip surf wax and am loving it. It’s great that they use sustainable and biodegradable ingredients. They even send these seeded papers with your order so you can plant them in your garden and grow some flowers and herbs!! Will definitely buy again 👍🏼👍🏼


I absolutely love this wax! Made locally and is organic, wrapped in cute little beeswax wraps and smells divine!!!!! I love the finish once I have waxed my board too.


I’m so stoked about this product! Eco friendly wax! Such a great idea. I heard all my friends talking about it then I was finally able to get my hands on it! Works great and it smells sooooo good. Most importantly I’m happy that it’s all natural and people that support products like this are able to do their bit for the oceans and environment. Get a grip and keep it green! 😉


I love this wax! It has a really good sticky texture and the warm water wax spreads perfectly on the board and is perfect for Gold Coast waters. It feels really good and grippy under your feet during the surf as well. MAJOR plus: it smells so so good! It is locally made and good for the environment. Definitely give it a go if you can!


Met the creator of this awesome product through local surf community. Jess’s energy and her passion really translates into this amazing goodness! Love my board get all waxed up with organic natural surf wax that not only provides good grip but protects our ocean and marine life. So proud to be a supporter for 100% handmade goodies and share the love to our ocean 💕🌊


Smells good enough to eat and stays on!