Transitioning to Eco-Friendly Wax for a Greener Future

Written by Green Grip

More than surf wax, Green Grip embodies sustainable surfing. Our eco-friendly grip is kind to you and Mother Nature. Dive into a community of ocean lovers creating ripples of change. Ride, preserve, and leave a green legacy.


Surfers share a deep connection with the ocean, making it crucial to protect the very waves they ride. In this chapter, we’ll explore the environmental impact of traditional surf wax and the importance of transitioning to eco-friendly alternatives. Join us in embracing sustainable surf wax for a greener surfing future.

Let’s compare!

In this epic ingredient showdown, traditional surf wax and eco-friendly surf wax go head-to-head, revealing their true nature. In one corner, the non-renewable paraffin wax boasts a slippery slope with environmental hazards. In the other corner, the mighty eco-friendly surf wax stands as a symbol of sustainability and eco-conscious values. Step into the ring as we unmask the ingredients that define the future of surf wax:



Paraffin wax, derived from the refining of petroleum (crude oil), poses a significant environmental challenge. As a non-renewable resource, its extraction demands intensive machinery, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation. This unsustainable path calls into question the ecological footprint of traditional surf wax. Beyond its sourcing woes, paraffin wax undergoes a bleaching process that releases dioxin, a highly toxic carcinogen also known to cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage to the immune system and interfere with hormones.

Is the grip on your surfboard worth the trail of environmental hazards in its wake?



Beeswax, an exquisite gift from the industrious honeybee. Crafted within the honeycomb, this natural wax is a testament to the beauty of sustainability. As a renewable resource, beeswax shines amid a sea of harmful alternatives At Green Grip, we handpick our certified/non-certified organic beeswax directly from local beekeepers around Queensland. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, your surfboard’s grip is a testament to the harmony between nature and your passion
for the ocean.


I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it’s almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time

– Kelly Slater



Surfboard wax is an integral part of every surfer’s journey. Yet, beneath the surface lies an alarming truth โ€“ over 90% of surfboard waxes in the market contain petrochemicals, including paraffin. This silent majority casts a shadow on our oceans, potentially harming delicate reefs and marine life. As the global surfing community swells with over 25 million surfers, the impact of toxic petrochemicals multiplies exponentially. The inclusion of surfing in the Olympics and the advent of wave pools extend the
sport’s reach to once-unreachable shores, urging us to reflect on our practices. Amidst this awakening, eco-friendly surf wax emerges as a beacon of hope. Crafted from natural and renewable ingredients, it unites the art of riding with reverence for the ocean’s sanctity. As surfers, we hold the power to ripple change across our beloved waters. Together, let’s champion the wave of eco-consciousness, trading toxic legacies for a greener, more sustainable surfing future.


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