Wax Application Unveiled

Written by Green Grip

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Wax application is a critical factor in optimising your surfing performance. Knowing how to layer waxes appropriately can make a significant difference in how well your board grips and responds to different surf conditions. In this
chapter, we’ll explore the art of wax layering and its importance in elevating your surf game.

Apply, cross, and circle

Surf waxing is an art of personalisation, and along your surfing journey, you’ll uncover the waxing style that resonates with your unique riding approach. Let’s explore the three simple steps essential for optimising your board’s grip and
control: apply, cross, and circle.

have fun with it!

Surf wax application isn’t just about function; it’s an art form that lets you unleash your creativity on your surfboard canvas. Infuse your sessions with a touch of personal flair by experimenting with different wax patterns. From
smooth diagonal lines to mermaid scale patterns, the possibilities are endless. Express your surfing spirit through unique wax patterns that reflect your style and mood. It’s not just about the grip; it’s about having fun and adding a splash of individuality to every ride. So, let your imagination run wild and turn your surfboard into a masterpiece of wax art, ensuring that each wave is as vibrant and dynamic as your surfing soul.

customised grip for every wave

 his surf wax application goes beyond a mere process; it’s an opportunity to fine-tune your board for a personalised surfing experience. By strategically building more wax layers on specific parts of the board based on your hand and
foot positions, you tailor your grip to match your unique style and stance. Areas where your hands and feet naturally rest can benefit from extra wax, delivering superior traction and responsiveness. Embrace the freedom of expression as
you experiment with different waxing methods, ultimately finding the perfect formula for you.


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