What is The Most Sold Surfing Product?

Written by Green Grip

More than surf wax, Green Grip embodies sustainable surfing. Our eco-friendly grip is kind to you and Mother Nature. Dive into a community of ocean lovers creating ripples of change. Ride, preserve, and leave a green legacy.


Established surfing brands far and wide agree on one thing: The surfing industry generates a lot of sales! But, you may be surprised at what part of the surfing industry actually produces the most sales. It’s not the boards themselves! It’s surfing wax.


Any seasoned surfer is sure to have some surfing wax in their toolkit for when they hit the waves. But are you aware that plenty of surf wax includes toxic by-products which harm the environment and are potentially carcinogenic?


If you’re looking to surf in style while being eco-friendly, then it’s time to consider the surf wax you’re using. So why not switch to an eco-surf wax like the one sold by Green Grip? Made with natural products, this is the best non-toxic surf wax money can buy!


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